on Joy.

Joy feels like the deep touch of Black trans love Joy is the reason I’m still here Joy is the stillness in between deep breaths Joy is the reason I am 218 days sober  Joy feels like a room of femmes getting ready for the night  Joy sounds like my little brother’s giggle at 20… Continue reading on Joy.

A letter to Hurston.

There are years that ask questions and years that answer” ZNH Dear Ms. Hurston, or can I call you Zora? When asked to have a conversation with a writer from the past I chose you. I would choose you again, and again, and again, as I have chosen you before. I have chosen your words as… Continue reading A letter to Hurston.


I’ve decided to share some writings to open up about some aspects of me. This page fuels my confidence to create and be valuerable as I evolve & I’m so glad you’re here. Please handle what you see on this page with care a& respect. These words