An Ode to the Children that Taught Me.

Black Hole by Hunter

After 3 years teaching art and programming, I am leaving my educator job. Here’s an ode to the children who taught me.

To the children who taught me patience by being so patient with me

To the children who taught me movement when we’d run around with our arms out flying together

To the children who asked hard questions

To the child who loves little tiny inventions and sculptures

To the children with attitude who remind us with every step they are cute and powerful

To the children who showed me endless radical imagination through self-expression

To the children who taught me other languages and laughed as I stumbled

To the children that taught me how to cry freely

To the children who taught me how to play, and play hard

To the child who looked at her work and said “I think this is the first time I made art”. I think of you so often

To the children that choose to rest and fall asleep at their desk

To the children who would climb the feat all the way to the top of the monkey bars, and would need help getting down

To the children who gave me the confidence to be a leader

To the fastest kid on the playground who loves graffiti, and seeing her bright smile after every race

To my second grade student, hunter- for when he sees beautiful nature, he thinks of me and takes a picture with his mom to show me later

To the children who taught me through being, thank you so much for everything.

By KT Kennedy

KT Kennedy (they/them) Creator, educator, artist.

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